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“From the perfect harmonies to the story that unfolds, “Loneliest House In Town” is an incredible example of how musicianship, storytelling and performance can come together to create magic. Simon Flory and Morris Holdahl filled the Boot Shop with such beautiful music, we did not want it to end. If you find yourself in Ft. Worth or any place these two might be playing, do yourself a favor and make sure you catch the show.”

– Hotel Turkey Boot Shop Sessions. Turkey, Texas


“This could happily sidle up alongside the likes of Carter Family, John Hartford,  Gillian Welch and Ralph Stanley. It’s one helluva a track and all credit goes to Flory for not following the more well-trodden path. This is a real gem.”

– “The More You Talk (The Less I Hear)” Video Premiere-Folk Radio UK  Read Full Article


“There’s not a bum track amid the 10 nuggets presented on Haul. This is music of rare quality and clarity.”

– Darryl Smyers, Texas Music Magazine  Read Full Article

“The album, chock-full of mid-tempo dueling guitars and beautiful vocal harmonies that would feel right at home on the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack, is less a departure for Flory and acts as audio proof of a man who found his voice decades ago.”

– Brian Kendall, Fort Worth Magazine  Read Full Article

“Built around Flory’s gift for country narrative, short story character sketches, and Flory’s rural vernacular, Haul These Blues Away is an unassuming charmer.”

– Thomas Mooney, New Slang Podcast  Listen to Podcast

“There are so many sweet moments on this one album.”

– Jill Blardinelli, The Deli  Read Full Article

“There are no pretenses here. This is the real stuff.”

– Jim Hynes, Country Standard Time  Read Full Article

“From the opening of the album’s first track (and also its lead single) “Peter Mack Built a Semi-Truck” to the closing of “Spanish Fandango,” an instrumental tune that was one of his first learned on the banjo, the album’s sparse instrumentation allow Flory’s stories to shine.”

– Justin Loretangeli, Pro Country  Read Full Article

“Like a memory that strikes a chord in you and so you replay it again and again, only in the form of a collection of songs that feel more like a collection of short stories.”

– Melissa Payne, The Amp  Read Full Article

“”If My Mule Had Wings” was literally written while riding a mule, inspired by a fantasy of a beast of burden sprouting wings and singing while toiling away in the furrows of life. It’s a song of defiance and inclusivity, inviting the listener to be themselves and be free.”

– Grateful Web  Read Full Article

“Flory’s storytelling on “El Paso Rain” is serene with warm strums and tender vocals.”

– Alec Spicer, Central Track  Read Full Article


“…this episode is one of our favorites of the season.”

– Jaimie Siegle, Lone Sound Magazine Podcast  Read Full Article

“Fort Worth, Texas-based Americana singer-songwriter Simon Flory ruminates on the weight of the world on the folksy “Peter Mack Built a Semi Truck,” a tune about coping with struggles and the power of the human spirit.”

– Bobbie Jean Sawyer, Wide Open Country  Read Full Article

“With his latest works, Flory proves his mettle as a songwriter, filmmaker, and poet. His sermon of love and tolerance is a much-needed tonic for today’s stormy political climate.”

– Simone Carter, Fort Worth Weekly cover story, “Cinematic Companion”  Read Full Article

“Simon Flory’s poetry film, Paper Thin Lines, documents a rural Texas family’s day like a home movie of shared memories we can all recall when-and if-we want to, finding common ground and community in today’s divided America.”

– Thinline Film Festival  Read Full Article

“Begun as part of a collaborative writing project with childhood friend, memoirist and editor, Angela Palm; the album is built with thematic resonance of the common threads that unite the moments of our lives.”

– Lyle Brooks, Madeworthy Magazine  Read Full Article

“More than just an outstanding, no-frills sophomore album from a down-to-earth Texas singer/songwriter with serious backwoods cred, “Radioville” represents can-do spirit and DIY philosophy…”

– Peter Hund,  Read Full Article

“Album of the Year” and “Best Country & Western Act” nominee 2019 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards

“Best Folk/Americana Act” nominee 2019 Central Track Music Honors

“Radioville” is an ode to a town where not much happens and no one gets out…Flory’s fluid voice makes you think there just may be a way out of the dark, dank nooks and crannies of this town that time forgot. Maybe, thanks to Flory and his friends, we can remember why a town like this is worth singing about in the first place.”

– Fort Worth Weekly

“Meet Simon Flory” Voyage Dallas magazine

Read Full Article

Central Track Song of the Day, “Hard Luck Kid”
“…the cowboy poet ensnares the spirit of the American West with his latest effort, and in a manner probably not all that far off from how it was done in its earliest forms.”

Read Full Article


“Compelling and authentic, Simon Flory’s new video for “County Fair”, the first single off his upcoming album Radioville, is an exposé on the complexities of love and addiction.”

Read the full article in Wavelength Magazine


Live in studio with High Plains Jamboree